Expanding Our Range: New Suction Stickers for a Worry-Free Mealtime!

suction stickers for more Bugaboo, Stokke, Nuna high chairsWelcoming New Heroes to Our Suction Sticker Family

At Brightberry, we're always looking for ways to make mealtimes happier and less stressful for parents and kids alike. That's why we're thrilled to announce the expansion of our popular suction sticker range. Now, parents of little ones who dine in Stokke Clikk, Bugaboo Giraffe, or Nuna Zaaz high chairs can breathe a sigh of relief. Shop our new suction stickers here to transform your mealtime experience!

Solving the Suction Problem for High Chairs

Understanding the Suction Struggle

A lot of parents know the struggle of keeping those bowls and plates in place on high chairs with textured surfaces. Our expansion is more than just an addition to our product line; it's a solution to a common problem faced by parents worldwide.

Our Original Suction Solution

Our original suction solution, designed for the Stokke Tripp Trapp tray, was just the beginning. By extending our range, we're addressing this universal pain point with a simple yet innovative approach. These stickers are more than just accessories; they are a testament to our commitment to practical, parent-friendly solutions.

Suction solver sticker for stokke tripp trapp high chair tray

Practical Innovation, Proudly Made in Australia

At Brightberry, we create products that genuinely make life easier for parents and kids. Our Australian-made suction stickers offer a simple yet effective solution to the common issue of plates and bowls sliding around on scratched or textured high chair trays, ensuring your little one’s mealtime is uninterrupted by sliding dishes.

Brightberry suction solver for Stokke Tripp Trapp tray

Promote Self-Feeding with Brightberry's Award-Winning Products

Complement Your High Chair with Our Range
To maximise the benefits of Brightberry suction stickers, pair them with our award-winning theOne™ suction bowls, theBase™ easy scooping plates, and theValle™ divided plates. Designed to promote self-feeding and minimise messes, these products are essential for any parent looking to streamline mealtime.

theValle divided plate

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What high chairs are compatible with Brightberry suction stickers?
A: Our range of suction stickers is more versatile than ever! The newest additions to our collection are specifically designed for Stokke Clikk, Bugaboo Giraffe, and Nuna Zaaz high chair trays. Additionally, we have our original suction solver sticker for the Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair.

We also offer two universal shapes: round and rectangular, which are perfect for a variety of surfaces, including dining tables and outdoor tables. These versatile stickers can be trimmed to fit any size, making them suitable for a wide array of high chairs and other surfaces that might have scratches or textures where suction is a challenge. For a full compatibility list and more details, visit our Suction Stickers Collection Page.

Q: Are Brightberry suction stickers easy to apply and remove?
A: Absolutely! Our suction stickers are designed for hassle-free application and removal. They adhere securely to the tray or table surface yet can be peeled off easily when you don’t need them anymore or you need to replace them.

Q: Can the suction stickers be cleaned? How do I maintain them?
A: Yes, our suction stickers are easy to clean. Simply wipe them with a damp cloth or wash them with mild soap and water.

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