About Brightberry

Brightberry founder

Let’s face it. Mealtimes with small children are messy.

But it doesn’t have to be. I've been there.

As a busy mum of 2, I was tired of cleaning up mealtime disasters daily. In my home, food on the table, the floor and all over the high-chair were all too commonplace.

With my background in product design, I knew there could be a better way.

Brightberry is the answer to eliminate mealtime messes and spills. We design and curate children's tableware that makes mealtimes as smooth as possible.

Our silicone suction bowls come with a set of two spoons, not just one. We understand that many babies like to hold their spoon while mummy/daddy feeds. This innovative, two spoon solution was originally introduced by Brightberry.

You don’t want to be spoon-feeding baby forever, right? Our silicone suction bowls also promote early self-feeding. The special raised edge allows baby to scoop with ease and learn the tools to feed on their own.

We also offer the cutest non-divided silicone suction plates. This is a mealtime must for mums everywhere. Comes in many colours and is a great size for kids meals, plus it fits in a dishwasher perfectly. Our suction base prevents food spillage by keeping the plate secured to the table. It firmly sticks to clean and smooth surfaces. These plates aren’t going anywhere! Now you can relax and enjoy mealtime.

Additionally, we’ve curated a collection of silicone drinking cups, silicone bibs, and silicone teether balls.

Our silicone sets make wonderful gifts for mums and babies. Give other mums the gift of easy and safe feedings. We provide a convenient cotton bag for our bowls and plates to fit easily. Our premium cotton bags are also great to take your tableware on the go.

Brightberry tableware is created with safe and non-toxic materials. Our silicone is 100% food-grade, BPA-free, PVC-free, Lead-free, and Phthalate-free. Silicone has a natural resistance to bacteria, with no open pores, making it safe and hygienic. And its dishwasher & microwave safe. No hand-washing dishes after every meal. Simply throw our products in the dishwasher and forget about it!

Brightberry is a practical solution to safe and mess-free mealtimes. Shop our colourful collection of silicone tableware now!