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Brightberry’s range of easy-scooping rimmed silicone plates are ergonomically designed to revolutionise independent eating with sustainability and safety while avoiding spillage and mess during mealtimes.

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Silicone plates for your little munchkin

Meal times are full of discoveries for your little munchkins as they begin to explore new foods, flavours and sensations.

Here at Brightberry, we want to make lunch and dinner time easy for your family. Our divided plate with a suction base is a practical and functional design for children. We designed this with toddlers in mind – making it easy to reduce the amount of mess you need to clean up. The suction base is hidden, so the kids don't see that there's something to undo. (You’ll thank us later).

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Our divided silicone plates offer mess-free versatility

What’s better than easy feeding? A silicone suction plate that sticks to the table, so your toddler can’t knock it over. That’s right – less cleaning up and more time making smiles and memories.

Our practical design comes with three different size sections so that you can serve various portions of food, with the small round section being ideal for offering new foods and dips to try. There’s even space for one of our Brightberry smoothie cups. You’ll love the generous size – you can even use it for bigger kids or adult snacks. Additionally, this plate design is sturdy and won't bend in your hands when carrying it to the table.

The silicone suction plate sticks to flat surfaces such as tables, high chairs or your kitchen counter – meaning less spills and cleaning up while feeding. It’s as simple as pressing down in the middle to securely attach it to your chosen surface. We also have suction bowls available to complete the set.

Self-feeding is a breeze with our silicone plates

Our functional, convenient designs make eating fun, even for the fussiest of eaters.

The silicone plate's lip (or the top edge) overhangs a bit, so it’s easier to load food onto your child’s spoon for easy scooping. The lip works by preventing toddlers from pushing the food over the edge and instead loads into the utensil.

Practical, kid-safe designs

All of our products are made with food-safe silicone, which is child-friendly and free of harmful toxins. It’s also incredibly easy to clean – just give them a wipe, then wash with warm, soapy water, or just pop them in the dishwasher. If you need to reheat food, they’re also safe to put in the microwave or oven (up to 220C).

Each item in our range has been tested to ensure its quality, durability and safety.

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