Brightberry kids tableware, suction bowls, divided plates, smoothie cups.
made by mum

Kids Tableware

We create modern, functional feeding products that simplify parenthood.

Why Choose Brightberry

mum spoon feeding bay girl with silicone baby spoon and Brightberry baby bowl

designed with purpose

No-Stress Mealtimes

Brightberry tableware makes the transition to solids easier, help young children master scooping faster, and helps to prevent tipped-over (or thrown!) dishes.

Suction That Works!
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brightberry divided plate and silicone smoothie cup in pink colours
made for toddlers
Multi-Use Round Section
theValle plates have three perfectly sized sections that work for all sorts of meals, with the multi-use round section being ideal for dips, snacks or the Brightberry cup.
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Brightberry Awards

toddler girl eating lunch from pink silicone plate wearing waterproof bib
the perfect gift
Brightberry Sets
A gift that everyone loves and will be used often.
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