Kids Smoothie Cups

Who doesn't love a cool yummy smoothie? Kids sure do. The cup, lid and straw are easy to clean with warm soapy water and are dishwasher safe. We include a straw brush with every cup, so you can be sure the straw is squeaky clean. You can also safely sterilise all parts with boiling water.

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Our smoothie cups are perfect for little fingers

Brightberry Smoothie Cups are perfect for helping toddlers to progress from bottle to sippy cup and kid's cup. The silicone matt finish is soft to touch and helps prevent slipping out of hands. Use them with or without the lid (as an open cup).

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These make a great gift – and the colours mean that your child can easily identify the cup as their own, which promotes a sense of ownership and responsibility.

Silicone smoothie cups make meal times yummy

Our smoothie tumblers with straws are perfect for little hands to grip and hold onto. Available in a range of fun colours, these silicone cups are a great way to make sure your little munchkin gets their essential nutrients and stays hydrated throughout the day.

All designs are lightweight, durable and soft to touch, making them ideal to pack in the pram and take out on little picnics, visits and adventures. Made with FDA 100% food-grade silicone, our sippers are completely kid-safe, as well as being BPA and PVC-free for your total peace of mind. They’re also entirely dishwasher-safe, which makes them easy to clean.

Just in case your little one happens to spill their drink, we also make a range of adorable silicone bibs that are super easy to clean – simply wipe spills off with a cloth.

Good for your child and the environment!

Just think about it – how many juice boxes does your little one go through? Our smoothie cups are completely reusable, making them green and eco-friendly. They’re also made with durable materials, meaning they can accompany your child on all their little adventures!

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Here at Brightberry, we believe in making meal-times fun and easy! It’s with this in mind that we’ve designed our full range of children’s tableware, including suction bowls, bowls, bibs and spoons – all made from child-safe silicone for your total peace of mind.

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