Effortless Scooping

With a Brightberry silicone spoon and bowl, babies quickly learn to eat independently and finish their meals easily.

What’s the secret? 

We've thoughtfully designed our silicone bowl to help your child scoop food effortlessly. The shape of the easy-scoop suction bowl ensures food goes directly onto the spoon or back into the bowl, virtually eliminating spills over the edge.

Give your child the confidence to master self-feeding with our cleverly designed tableware.

easy scooping food showing on a 3D model of the award winning silicone bowl
Child friendly Design
Easy Self Feeding

As parents ourselves, we know how busy life can get. Imagine how great it would be without strict adult supervision during feeding with your baby learning to self feed.

Introducing first foods and baby-led weaning can be a breeze with the right tableware.

We have specially designed our silicone baby bowls to help you make meal times as hassle and mess-free as possible. You'll be amazed by how simple this concept is.

Recommended by Australian Occupational Therapists

Strong Suction
Grips Firmly to Smooth Surfaces

We know that mealtime with a little one just starting to learn to eat can be both exciting and challenging. You want your child to enjoy their food and develop good eating habits, but it can be nerve-wracking when their bowl ends up on the floor more often than not.

To make mealtime a delightful experience for both you and your little one, our silicone bowls come with an integrated suction base. This strong suction grips firmly to smooth surfaces, ensuring that even the most energetic child can't easily knock it over.

BAby bow eating yogurt brom silicone suction bowl with baby spoon in navy blue blueberry colour

For the best suction results, use the bowl on untextured, smooth, & dry surfaces such as:

✔️ Highchair tray (glossy)
✔️ Dining room table
✔️ Kitchen countertop

*Brightberry suction bowls pair perfectly with the Stokke high cahir trays, complemented by our tray sticker.




Many other products claim they suction to the table but this one has done the trick. I have the bowl and plate. Love them both!!

Stacy H.
🇦🇺 AU

The best suction bowl!

I was gifted this set by a friend and it is the BEST! We have tried a number of different types of suction bowl and they didn't stay firmly attached. This is the only brand we've found that stays firmly attached and that bub can't pry off.

Katherine B.
🇦🇺 AU

Such a firm little bowl.

Very impressed. Went back to buy a couple more. Best suction bowl I've come across.

Kelly M.
🇦🇺 AU


We have only just started our solid foods journey I saw these a baby expo and have never looked back best bowl and my son loves the spoon. Also amazing colours

Emma S.
🇦🇺 AU

What a bowl!! 

This not only functions well but has helped my 1yo learn to feed herself. Plus the spoon works for teething so I can leave the spoon with her.

Oh and because it comes with two spoons, she plays with one while we feed her with the other.

Thank you, great design.

Matthew L.
🇦🇺 AU

Brightberry Silicone Suction Bowl Set with Spoons

Start solids joyfully using our expertly designed Brightberry Silicone Suction Bowl and Spoons Set, which is perfect for helping your baby develop independent eating skills.

♥︎ Strong and Secure Suction: No more thrown bowls with our robust suction base.
♥︎ Easy Scoop Silicone Bowl Design: Encourages self-feeding and enhances motor skills.
♥︎ Includes 2 Teething Spoons: Dual-purpose silicone spoons that are practical, functional, and soothing.
♥︎ Durable & Sturdy: Large silicone bowl that lasts as your child grows.
♥︎ Certified Safe: No toxins or microplastics, dishwasher & microwave safe.
♥︎ Multi-Award-Winning: Trusted for its excellent design and functionality.

Thoughtfully designed by experts in Australia, the Brightberry child-centric Suction Bowl Set with spoons promotes independent eating. 

Whether it's for everyday milestones in your child's eating journey or as a thoughtful gift for baby showers, newborns, or first birthdays, the Brightberry Suction Bowl Set is more than a mealtime accessory; it's a vital tool for fostering joyful, independent eating.


A suction bowl sticks to flat surfaces, reducing spills and messes during mealtime, and encouraging self-feeding in babies.

The Brightberry Suction Bowl comes with a strong, secure suction base and is specially designed for easy scooping, promoting independent eating.

Absolutely, suction bowls are fantastic for babies. They promote self-feeding, enhance motor skills, and the Brightberry bowls, in particular, are designed with inwardly curved walls for easy scooping. This design encourages babies to feed themselves, fostering independence and reducing mess during mealtime​​​​.

Suction bowls are definitely worth it for parents looking to reduce spills and encourage self-feeding. Brightberry Suction Bowls, with their strong suction base, easy-to-clean material, and child-safe design, offer great value and convenience during mealtime.

Silicone bowls are a safe, durable alternative to plastic, free from harmful chemicals or leaching microplastics when heated or freezing.

However, while silicone is safe for baby bowls, not all products are created equal. High-quality silicone used by Brightberry is free from harmful fillers and rigorously tested for safety, ensuring it's free from BPA, lead, phthalates, and other toxins, aligned with the FDA and LFGB certification.

When choosing a silicone bowl, it's crucial for parents to choose bowls from reputable brands that provide transparency about their product testing and safety standards, guaranteeing the silicone used is pure, safe, and trustworthy for your baby's meals.

To maximise suction, ensure the bowl's base and the surface are clean and dry. Press down in the middle of the bowl to expel air and create a vacuum.

Brightberry also offers a Suction Sticker for surfaces that are not perfectly smooth, ensuring the bowl stays put even on tricky surfaces such as Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair tray.

Suction bowls work best on smooth, non-porous surfaces. While Brightberry Suction Bowls can stick to wood, the effectiveness depends on the finish and flatness of the wood surface. For optimal suction, we recommend using them on a smooth, flat surface.

Brightberry's innovative Suction Sticker can enhance the suction on less-than-ideal surfaces.

Brightberry Suction Bowls, with their robust suction base and compatibility with the Suction Sticker, are among the best choices for wood tables. They provide stability and minimise messes, making mealtime a more pleasant experience.

Yes, you can sterilise silicone bowls. Brightberry Suction Bowls can be safely sterilised by boiling or steam sterilisation, making them hygienic and safe for your baby's use.

For the spoons, boiling water sterilisation on the stove is recommended. Avoid sterilising silicone spoons in the microwave or electric steriliser. The nylon insert in the Brightberry spoons is not designed to withstand the high temperatures these devices generate.

Absolutely, both Brightberry Silicone Bowls and Spoons are dishwasher safe. For optimal care, place them on the top rack, use a gentle dishwashing liquid, and select a normal temperature setting to prevent any soap odour from clinging to the items. This ensures a hassle-free cleanup while maintaining the quality and safety of these baby-friendly utensils.

Yes, silicone bowls, like the Brightberry Suction Bowls, are microwave safe. Unlike plastic bowls, they don't risk leaching microplastics or harmful chemicals when heated.

Silicone bowls made from high-quality silicone, they can safely withstand microwave temperatures, offering a convenient and secure way to warm your baby's food.

Thoughtfull Design

Our thoughtfully designed suction bowl and spoons make it easier for your child to learn self-feeding and gain confidence. Brightberry is the only brand offering functional suction bowl feeding sets specifically designed for independence training.

Embrace enjoyable and mess-free mealtime with your little one, starting today!