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Kids Smoothie Cup with Secure Lid & Stopper Straw
Kids Smoothie Cup with Secure Lid & Stopper Straw
Kids Smoothie Cup with Secure Lid & Stopper Straw
A child securely holding a Brightberry Toddler-Proof Smoothie Cup in pink. The image highlights features such as a 'Secure Lid' and a 'Stopper Straw', emphasizing the product's safety and ease of use. Text overlay states "Toddler-Proof Smoothie Cup Fun, Safe & Stress-Free," suggesting a carefree and enjoyable drinking experience for young children.
Kids Smoothie Cup with Secure Lid & Stopper Straw
Kids Smoothie Cup with Secure Lid & Stopper Straw
Kids Smoothie Cup with Secure Lid & Stopper Straw
To open the Brightberry smoothie cup lid, you need to squeeze the cup at the top and peel the lid off.
Kids Smoothie Cup with Secure Lid & Stopper Straw
Kids Smoothie Cup with Secure Lid & Stopper Straw
Kids Smoothie Cup with Secure Lid & Stopper Straw
Kids Smoothie Cup with Secure Lid & Stopper Straw
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Kids Smoothie Cup with Secure Lid & Stopper Straw

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Elevate snack time with our toddler-proof Smoothie Cup!

♥︎ Prevents major spills & messes if knocked over or dropped*
♥︎ Includes stopper straw - no more pulling out straws
♥︎ Holds up to 240 ml of nutrient-rich smoothies
♥︎ Non-slip and lightweight LFGB platinum silicone, made for tiny hands
♥︎ Safe and convenient: dishwasher, microwave & freezer safe
♥︎ Easily transitions into an open cup as your child grows

Invest in less stress, more fun, and healthier habits for your child's snack times. Make our Smoothie Cup the perfect companion for your little one's growing adventures!

Restock Information: Lilac will be back in stock in September. 

Say hello to happier snack times and fewer spills! Our Brightberry Smoothie Cup is designed to make enjoying smoothies and drinks more fun and less messy for your little one, while giving you peace of mind.

Major spill control: Our secure lid locks in place to help prevent major spills and messes when the smoothie cup is knocked over or dropped. That means less cleanup for you and more smiles all around!*

Perfect for little hands and big thirsts: This sippy cup with straw holds up to 240ml of warm or cold drinks, just the right size for growing thirsts. The non-slip matte silicone finish and lightweight design make it easy for little hands to grip and carry.

Straw fun without the fuss: Our clever straw design features an integrated stopper to keep it from being pulled out, and a unique wavy-shaped end that makes sipping easy and fun. No more fighting with stuck straws!

And when it's time to clean up, you'll love that these smoothie cups are made of food-grade silicone. They're durable, unbreakable, and dishwasher-safe so that you can use them over and over again.

Supporting little learners: Our free-flowing straw design is ideal for thicker liquids like smoothies and helps promote healthy oral motor development. Speech pathologists often recommend it for its easy transition to an open cup, making it a great choice for budding drinkers.

*Important note:
While our cup significantly reduces spills when knocked over, it's not entirely leak-proof. The free-flowing straw design, ideal for easy sipping and cleaning, prevents leaks with thicker liquids like smoothies but may allow some thinner liquids, like water or milk, to escape if turned over. This design feature makes our cup an excellent choice for training and is recommended by speech pathologists for assisting babies in learning to drink from a straw.

Ready for more smiles and less stress at snack time? Order your Brightberry Smoothie Cup today and empower your little one's independence, one delicious sip at a time!

Ø 66 x H 104 mm 
(H 140 mm with straw) 
Straw: Ø 9 x H 135 mm 
Volume: 240 ml

1 x Silicone Cup 
1 x Silicone Lid 
1 x Silicone Straw 
1 x Straw Brush 

✅ Dishwasher safe.
✅ Microwave safe.
✅ Freezer Safe
✅ Sterilisation safe.

Before First Use:
Ensure to thoroughly wash the cup, lid, and straw. Use warm soapy water and a soft sponge for cleaning. For the straw, use the included brush. Rinse off all soap completely before use.

Use Guide & Care:

  1. Fill the cup with your desired drink.
  2. Insert the straw through the lid.
  3. Push the lid down to close securely.
  4. To open the lid, squeeze the top of the cup to create a gap and then peel the lid off.
  5. After use, rinse the cup well to prevent any smoothie leftovers from sticking.
  6. The cup can be hand washed or cleaned in a dishwasher.

Are straw cups good for kids?
Straw cups, such as the Brightberry Smoothie Cup, are excellent for kids. They support healthy oral development by promoting proper lip rounding and tongue positioning, essential for speech development and feeding skills.

What to Look for in a Straw Cup for Babies?
In a straw cup for babies, prioritise spill control, ergonomic design for small hands, and a free-flowing straw design for natural drinking. Products like the Brightberry Smoothie Cup embody these features, ensuring a smooth transition.

Is the Brightberry Smoothie Cup suitable for various types of beverages?
Absolutely! The Brightberry Smoothie Cup is versatile and perfect for a range of beverages, including smoothies, milk, and water, making it an excellent choice for every meal or snack time.

For more Frequently Asked Questions, please scroll down the page where we address more commonly asked questions.


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  • Expertly Designed from Parents Feedback
  • Meets the Highest Safety Standards
  • Unbreakable, Durable & Reusable
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee
Sip, smile, repeat!

Smoothie cups for kids

Make snack time a colourful adventure with Brightberry Smoothie Cups! These non-slip silicone cups hold up to 240ml of their favourite smoothie, quenching even the biggest thirsts and turning every sip into a delicious mini-fiesta!

Mess-Free Sipping

Prevents Major Spills

Say goodbye to messy spills and hello to happy sips with Brightberry Smoothie Cups! Our secure lid and stay-put straw keep precious smoothies inside the cup (and off your floor!) No more straw-pulling tantrums with the innovative Fin™ straw – just happy faces and yummy smoothie smiles!

A cheerful young child with a bright smile is holding a light blue Brightberry smoothie cup. The cup is featured with a 'Secure Lid' and a 'Stopper Straw' as labeled in the image, emphasizing its child-friendly and mess-preventing design. The child's gray T-shirt features a graphic of a Disney's Elsa, adding a playful touch to the photo.
Thoughtfully Engineered

No More Stuck Straws

Frustrated little hands and stuck straws? Our innovative wavy-shaped straw tip design can make a big difference, as it makes your little one's drink time more enjoyable, letting your tiny explorer enjoy every yummy sip without the struggle.

no major spills

Child proof secure lid

No more worries about accidental tumbles! Our lid stays on tight, even during playful adventures. Introducing the Brightberry Kids Smoothie Cup - your secret weapon against smoothie splatter!

What Parents are Saying


Brightberry, you have saved me from Mum Rage. My boy loves smoothies; drinking them, throwing them, flicking his straw to create masterpieces on the walls. And as I don’t love constant cleaning, this was money very well spent!! Sanity saved and smoothie actually gets drunk. Thanks for your thoughtful toddler proof designs!

Ella O.

They have tackled every issue with kids straw cups. The lid is tight and won’t come off easily. The straw is a piece of engineering perfection for a curious toddler to avoid spills. Best cup for a toddler I’ve found.

Rachel L.

Great for my toddler to enjoy jucies, smoothies and the occasional babyccino - without the worry of the messy leftovers :)

Gina S.

This smoothie cup has been a lifesaver! My son throws everything from his highchair and so far this cup has proved itself. The lid stays on so securely and he can’t pull the straw out which is amazing. The cup also has a nice weight to it which helps it stay upright. Will definitely be purchasing more!

Laura M.

We now own 6 smoothie cups and all of them are in use EVERY DAY! We always colour mix and match the lids to make them even more fun. Best product!

Lis H.


Straw cups are ideal for toddlers, fostering independence and aiding in the development of mature oral motor skills. The Brightberry Smoothie Cup, with its toddler-friendly design, is an excellent tool for promoting these skills.

Look for a straw cup that offers spill control, ergonomic design, and a free-flowing straw for natural drinking habits. Features like a stopper straw and a wavy-shaped end, as seen in the Brightberry Smoothie Cup, provide added functionality and convenience.

By age 4, children should ideally transition to straw cups or open cups to support their evolving oral and speech development. Products like the Brightberry Smoothie Cup are designed to aid this transition, offering a balance between convenience and developmental benefits.

Straw cups, such as the Brightberry Smoothie Cup, are generally better for toddler teeth. They encourage proper drinking habits and help maintain dental alignment, reducing the risk of future dental issues.

Yes, drinking from a straw cup like the Brightberry Smoothie Cup is beneficial for 2-year-olds. It supports the natural development of swallowing techniques and oral motor skills.

A 2-year-old should drink from straw cups or transition cups that support oral development and minimise spills. The Brightberry Smoothie Cup, with its tailored design, is perfect for this age group.

Yes, toddlers can comfortably drink milk from a straw cup. The Brightberry Smoothie Cup, designed for a variety of beverages, promotes healthy drinking habits and supports oral development.

Starting around 6 months, babies can transition to cups. The Brightberry Smoothie Cup is designed to support this developmental phase, offering a safe and practical option for introducing your baby to independent drinking.

The Brightberry Smoothie Cup features a secure, lock-in-place lid that significantly minimises spills and messes, ensuring a cleaner and more enjoyable drinking experience for your child, even if the cup is accidentally knocked over or dropped.

However, it's essential to recognise that the cup is not completely spill-proof due to its free-flowing straw design. This particular design choice promotes correct oral development by fostering natural drinking habits.

Consequently, while the cup effectively reduces spills, some liquid may still escape if the cup is fully turned over, harmonising spill management with crucial developmental advantages.

The Brightberry Smoothie Cup stands out with its spill-control lid, ergonomic design for little hands, innovative straw with a stopper and wavy end, and its construction from high-grade LFGB Platinum silicone, ensuring durability and safety.

To best clean silicone cups and straws, such as the Brightberry Smoothie Cup, disassemble all parts first. Wash them with warm, soapy water or place them in the dishwasher for convenience.

The Brightberry Smoothie Cup comes with a straw brush, ensuring a clean straw every time and maintaining optimal hygiene and cup performance.

The Brightberry Smoothie Cup, with its free-flowing straw design and spill-resistant features, supports children in the transition from bottle to cup by promoting independent drinking in a fun and mess-free manner.

The Brightberry Difference

Say Hello to Your New Best Friend

The Brightberry smoothie cup is excellent for parents who want to make healthy smoothies for their children. One of the most effective ways to boost your children's vitamin intake is to blend fruits and vegetables into smoothies. By doing this, you can increase the likelihood that your baby, toddler, and older children will enjoy the smoothie and ask for more.

Silicone is the Safest Material

Our silicone straw cups are made from 100% food-grade silicone, resistant to hot and cold drinks without the risk of harmful chemicals leaching into the drink, such as BPA, phthalates, or PVC. The snug-fitting lid ensures that the smoothie remains inside the cup and is safe to clean in the dishwasher. Your children can drink from the cup with ease while you can relax, knowing that cleaning up will be a breeze.

Fun and Bright Colours

Brightberry Smoothie Cups are an ideal addition to your children's dinner set, featuring nine vibrant and fun colours that appeal to kids and complement your style. The fun and playful colours of these cups make drinking fluids more enjoyable, promote healthy habits, and encourage kids to stay hydrated throughout the day. They are also a perfect choice for a birthday or holiday gift for children.

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