How to best care for silicone tableware?

How to wash silicone baby products

How to best care for silicone tableware?

Silicone is odourless, but some dishwashing detergents can make silicone hold on to the smell, especially if used with hot water or not rinsed properly.

To prevent any soap smell on the products, ensure to RINSE OFF all the soap after washing! I know this might sound obvious; however, I only recently learned it's not what everyone does. Plus, doing this means the suction will work much better.

If you have some extra time, towel drying will keep your products looking brand new! 🥣

towel drying silicone tableware will make them looking like new every time

Why does the smell lock into silicone?

Silicone absorbs the scents at high temperatures; hence that is the way to get rid of them. Below are two ways to get rid of the unwanted smell (it can be soap or food smell):
1. The easiest solution is to boil the product in water for a few minutes. It is safe to do so with all Brightberry products.
2. The second option is to "bake off "the odours by baking the silicone products at 150 C (fan-forced oven) for 15 minutes. Ensure the oven is heated before placing the products in. We don't recommend baking the spoons.

Make sure you use heat-proof thongs, as silicone gets hot in the oven. Contact us if you need any further about the above. We are happy to help.

Is it safe to use dishwasher?

We know parents are super busy, so you'll be happy to know all Brightberry products are Dishwasher safe! We use high-quality and food-safe silicone that withstands high and low temperatures without leaching any chemicals as plastic does.

We recommend dishwashing liquid over a tablet or powder, and using less detergent can prevent the soap smell and white spots on the dinnerware.

Read more about Brightberry product care on our FAQ page.