Discover the Best Silicone Baby Bowl and Plate Sets

All new parents know how quickly meal times with your little one can get messy and out-of-hand. It's a time of discovering new textures and flavours – and your little munchkin will be quick to let you know what they don't like. They're also starting to develop their fine motor skills and getting used to grabbing hold of things – so it's natural that they'll drop food occasionally.

That's why finding the right kids' tableware sets can be a real game-changer that will make your life much easier. You can look forward to less time spent cleaning up and more time focusing on the things that matter.

 the Best Silicone Baby Bowl for starting solids

Our silicone product range is the best on the market for your baby. Best suction plates for toddlers and babies alike. Here at Brightberry, we've created a range of silicone suction bowls and plates that are bright and colourful with a sleek and practical design.

Ergonomic design

At Brightberry, we've always prided ourselves on high-quality designs that make our tableware a market leader. We're confident you won't find comparable products from any of our competitors that offer the same benefits. Here's the lowdown on how our products change the game regarding meal time with your little one. 

Silicone baby bowls

Brightberry's purposefully designed silicone bowls are a particular favourite among our customers. The design focuses on being easy to use and promoting your child's ability to feed themselves. The silicone bowls have high walls to avoid unnecessarily pushing food over the edge. The walls also curve inwards to assist with loading the food more easily onto the spoon. The bottom of the bowl slopes in towards a point so liquid pools in the middle, making it easier to access. 

suction bowls for babies

The suction-capped bowl base underneath is easily attached to any smooth flat, and dry surface. You may want to use a dining table, countertop, or tray on your baby's highchair. Easily press down in the middle of the bowl, and you're good to go. The suction creates a sturdy adhesion that won't budge no matter how excited your little one gets at mealtime.

Suction Silicone plates

Our suction plates use the same suction base design underneath. They are equally handy for giving your baby an excellent foundation to encourage self-feeding. The plate rim also curves up to help children access their food more efficiently. 

easy scooping rimmed silicone suction plate with spoon scooping food

Brightberry suction plates come in two forms: a divided plate and an undivided plate. For little bubs still learning the ropes with a spoon, an undivided plate gives them plenty of room and a nice protective rim to explore their food more effectively.

easy scooping plates by Brightberry divided and undivided plates

The three compartments allow food to stay separated, keeping your toddler happy. A divided plate is handy when kids get a little older and fussier. You can also use the divided plate to serve platters.

Silicone spoon

We love to use designs that make a product multi-purpose. The Brightberry silicone spoon has a reinforced matte handle that a little hand can readily grip. The spoon's shape works together with our baby bowls and plates. The curved handle makes it easy for kids to pick up, hold and load their baby food against our silicone suction bowl or plate wall.

silicone spoon for baby and toddler ergonomic design

The ease with which our spoons make independent eating helps improve your child's hand-eye coordination. There's less frustration in not being able to access their food which leads to a sense of accomplishment that creates positive self-reinforcement.

Another design feature is embossing at the handle's base. This textured surface is an excellent aid for teething bubs. Our silicone is soft and forgiving on sensitive gums, creating a soothing sensory experience for your baby.

Silicone bibs

Nobody gets self feeding down immediately. You have to expect at least some of our children's food to miss the mark and end up on the floor or on their clothes. This issue doesn't need to cause extra cleanup hassle, though. Our silicone bibs are ready to catch anything your baby doesn't.

The bib's construction allows maximum comfort with an adjustable neck that sits gently on any child, from babies to toddlers. The built-in pouch catches dropped food and eliminates headaches with messy floors and clothes.

silicone bib with catch pocket and adjustable neck in blue colours

Smoothie cup

Your little one can quench their thirst easily with one of our popular silicone smoothie cups. This silicone cup has a matte finish that won't slip out of your child's hands. The straw is removable and comes with a brush for cleaning. We additionally offer another straw option with a built-in stopper to prevent children from accidentally pulling them out of the cup.

We always try to make our products work harmoniously together, and you'll notice a round compartment in our divided plate. This section is exactly the right size for our smoothie cup. What are the odds?

silicone divided plate with smoothie cup that fits perfectly

Teether ring

We all know how difficult feeding time can be while kids struggle with teething pain from sore gums. What can you do? You don't want that to affect their appetite, but they may not be in the mood to eat. A Brightberry teether ring is just the ticket.

This soft silicone ring has three different textures on its surface. These textures give babies a lovely sensation that alleviates gum pain while teething and helps restore a healthy appetite.

teething baby chewing on teething ring teether toy bracelet

Carefully selected baby feeding sets

Can't decide what products are best for your kids at their developmental stage? Don't worry. We've sorted this out for you with our curated bundles creating the ideal feeding sets for different ages.

Feeding sets also make the ideal gift for new parents or expecting mums. We've eliminated the stress and hassle of finding the right gift for that upcoming baby shower. We can also gift wrap our bundles in tissue paper and have them delivered straight to your friend or loved one. You can even include a personalised message for the special day.

Newborn Gift Set

  • Bib
  • Suction bowl with two spoons
  • Teether ring

When everything is brand new to you, it's best to start simple. A suction bowl and spoon set gets your newborn off to a flying start to eat independently. A bib while improving their coordination and a teether ring to keep them comfortable and eating healthy meals sets them up perfectly.

newborn  gift set tableware for starting solids in sage


Baby Starting Solids Bundle

  • Two suction bowl and spoon sets
  • Bib

Mix and match colours for your suction bowl and spoon sets to give your developing child a vibrant meal time while introducing themselves to solid foods. Moving to solids is a new and exciting milestone, and our products are here to help them along the way.

Toddler Dinner Set

  • Undivided easy scooping suction plate
  • Divided suction plate
  • Bib
  • Smoothie cup with a cleaning brush

As your child ages and develops preferences for different foods, fussy eating habits aren't far behind. A divided suction plate is a perfect solution for kids becoming hard to please. You can now prevent their disappointment and misery when their food touches. A smoothie cup is a helpful addition to complete a growing toddler's meal.

toddler dinner set silicone plates, bib and smoothie cup

Ultimate Kids Dinner Feeding Bundle

  • Divided suction plate
  • Undivided easy scooping suction plate
  • Suction bowl with two spoons
  • Two extra silicone spoons
  • Bib
  • Smoothie cup with a cleaning brush
  • Stopper straw set

If you're looking for the ultimate dinner set for your toddler, you've found it. The Ultimate Kids Dinner Feeding Bundle will serve kids at all stages, from babies to toddlers. This set is our most comprehensive available, providing you with our entire line of tableware products.

Benefits of Brightberry's 100% silicone products

Silicone is a beneficial material that is superior to plastics in many ways. Here are some reasons to pick silicone baby tableware over anything involving plastics or other hazardous material.

Strong and durable

We only use the high-quality, FDA approved silicone for our tableware and accessories. This silicone is very hardy and will last many years. You don't need to worry about recycling concerns because our products can pass through the generations without issue.

Our products are easy to keep clean as they're single pieces of silicone. There are no joints where food can accumulate and go mouldy. Silicone is entirely dishwasher safe or can be hand washed with soapy water.

Our silicone is also heat resistant and, therefore, oven and microwave safe. There's very little you can put our sets through that they can't withstand.

Safety tested

Before our products come within a mile of any children, we ensure their safety and quality through stringent testing. TUV Laboratories, one of the most respected testing facilities in the world, audits everything we sell.

TUV Laboratories has been operating for over a century and is at the forefront of safety testing. With their stamp of approval, you can be sure our products are safe for your family.

baby bow chewing on silicone teether spoon

Chemical free

A critical part of our product safety standards is that we exclude any harmful chemicals. Our silicone is completely BPA free and PVC and phthalate free. If that sounds confusing, these are additives used in plastics that may leach into food and drinks. This leaching has links to many developmental disorders that affect children significantly.

Award-winning baby designs

We are humbled by our products' domestic and international recognition. In 2021, our bowl and spoon set won the product design category at the Good Design Awards. The jury commented:

"The inwards curving walls are a great feature, and the curving spoons made from seamless silicone make sense in the real world. The product appears strong, easy to apply, and suction attaches it to a high chair. In addition, it's also appropriately designed and shaped for kids."

Also, in 2021, Brightberry received the Innovation in Functional Design Award at the Corporate Vision Small Business Awards. This award recognised our work as a small business pushing innovation in kid's tableware design.

Then, earlier this year, The New York Product Design Awards acknowledged our suction bowl and spoon set with the Gold Award.

We truly appreciate the recognition these awards give us. However, our primary motivation will always be to make products that benefit new families for years to come.

brightberry design awards australian baby award winning tableware brand


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