EOFY Sale at Brightberry

Hello Brightberry Family! As we say goodbye to this financial year, we have a special surprise for all the mums, dads, parents-to-be and grandparents. Our EOFY sale is on now until 25th June 2023.

Great Savings on Award-Winning Baby Tableware!

The Brightberry tableware range is perfect for encouraging self-feeding in little ones. Our uniquely designed suction bowls and plates make scooping up food easy for tiny hands, making mealtime not just easy but also a great learning experience.

Suction Bowls - Up to 30% Off

Our silicone suction bowls are designed with practicality and functionality in mind. They stick to your table, reducing spills and messes during mealtime. Made with food-grade silicone, they're safe, easy to clean, and perfect for encouraging self-feeding.

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Divided Plates - Up to 40% Off

Our divided plates are fantastic for introducing variety into your child's meals in a fun and engaging way. The clever compartments keep different foods separate, ideal for little ones who don't like their food to mix. These plates also feature a suction base for stability, promoting mess-free, independent eating.

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Baby Fruit Feeders - Save 15%

These feeders are designed to introduce your baby to a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables safely. This set includes two feeders of different sizes, perfect for babies at different stages of their feeding journey. They're easy to hold, easy to clean, and perfect for teething babies, providing a nutritious way to soothe their gums.

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Don't wait! Stock is limited and at these prices, our selected products won't last long. The EOFY sale is a golden opportunity to add to your Brightberry collection or start a new one. The early bird catches the worm!